Gran Turismo (1999~2011)

旅から帰り 慌しくその後の日常に戻ってしまうと


プリントされた写真を手にとってはじめて 旅をしていた記憶がよみがえり

そして まるで古い友人からの絵葉書を受け取ったかのように

こんなところに行っていたのね と驚く

まだ見ぬ国々 出会わぬ人々

一番遠い自分へ近づく 長い長い旅路


When I get back from my trip, I'm busy to get back to my daily life.

I wonder if it wasn't me who was in that place.

It is only when I hold the printed photo in my hand that the memory of the trip comes back to me.

And it was as if I had received a postcard from an old friend.

I'm surprised to know that I've been to these places.

Countries I've never seen, people I've never met

The long, long journey to the farthest myself.





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