Lower Heaven , Higher Hell (2003)




I traveled Cambodia in 2003.Like a sense of floating, I felt the holiness and common touch from the ground of Cambodia.

I felt like heaven and hell reversed intermingled.Like a Buddha statue without the head divided by power.Even if the two things coexisted, they were not visible to me.

I tried to find the way to two images into the one picture somehow or other.

The way of if a photograph is printed on an OHP sheet and piled up two sheets,

I found it.

shuffling in my head the afterimage which disappears and goes if it appears.

I selected the two pictures from heaven and hell images.

In the Creation myth of the Hinduism minced by the corridor of Angkor Vat,

Gods and Asura stir together the sea over 1000 years.

And the sea become as milk, that ageless potion Ham Rita was made like that.

The holy and the demons carried out grand tug of war of the big snake rope.

Always in this land, someone will try to turn Heaven and hell from ancient times.






その2枚は天国のものと人界のものを1枚ずつ選び そうして生まれた作品は



神々と阿修羅達が千年にわたって海を掻き回し 海は乳となり最後に不老不死の霊薬

アムリタがつくられたとある 大蛇を手に天界と地界が壮大な綱引きをしたのである



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